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head 2A Message from the Head

Wardle Academy is a successful 11-16 school with a strong tradition at GCSE, outstanding pastoral care and guidance and with exceptional provision for music.

In December 2013 we moved into a brand new building. Our facilities are some of the most up-to-date in the area with two large sports halls, swimming pool, fitness gym, performance hall and brand new science, technology and ICT areas. In addition, nearly £1 million was spent upgrading our computer and electronic provision.

This is my third headship and since joining the school in 2006 we have, as a team of staff, students and parents, come a long way in partnership together. We have a bright future and I would hope that you would want to join us on that journey as we continue to improve and enhance the life opportunities for all of the children in our care, regardless of ability or need.

Graham Wright, Headteacher.

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