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The Student Leadership Committee is a group of 13 students from years 7-11 who have been elected by their peers to represent students’ views. The Council, liaise with 51 Form Representatives to consult on a range of matters which affect all young people in school.

Student Leadership Committee members are involved in the recruitment of staff, they give a student perspective on our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policies and their views have led to changes to these documents and our decision-making process.
The Leadership Committee has helped our school to respond to the findings of the most recent Kirkland Rowell (Student satisfaction) survey where we were able to instigate changes to Teaching and Learning as well identifying ways to enhance experiences at Wardle to take into consideration the emotional wellbeing in an attempt to improve the lives of all members of our school community.

To date the Student Leadership Committee has consulted on the following areas of school life:

Road Safety
Students raised concerns in relation to the number of cars on the turning circle in the morning and after school. Students actioned this point by carrying out a survey that involved counting cars and completing a questionnaire with 100 students to gather their thoughts on road safety.
The Students Leadership Committee plans to meet with a local councillor to discuss Road Safety after the Christmas break.

Students consulted on ways that PRIDE can be embraced across the school and how important PRIDE is to students regarding their perceptions of school and supporting with emotional wellbeing.

Students have suggested ways with which the corridors can become less congested. This guidance is currently being discussed through SLT

The School Environment
The Leadership Committee discussed the addition of recycling points in the school canteen, brought about because of the actions of year 11 student Casey Clough.
Furthermore, the Leadership Committee have put to forward a proposal for recyclable cutlery/packaging to be used in the school canteen.

Healthy Eating
Students put together a range of different ways with which we can enhance healthy eating at Wardle Academy. This proposal is currently with the school canteen and the Academy are making some of the ideas a working practice.

Feedback from the Kirkland Rowell
Students discussed a range of topics such as: how to improve lessons? How to make the school a happier place? How to improve feedback in lessons? How to strengthen the community spirit? How the Academy can support students to access healthy lifestyles and diet choices?

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