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Wardle Academy is a partner school of the Watergrove Trust. The Watergrove Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust based in the North-West of England. They are an Academy Trust that provides professional developmental services and assistance to their Academy partners, with educational improvement and the success of their students at the forefront of their efforts.

Investment in students means investing in staff and engaging parents. Effective school leadership teams, the best teachers, skilled supporting staff all benefiting from continuing professional development underpin students’ success.

Watergrove Trust recognises that one model does not fit all, but instead commit to a set of values that does. By ensuring that their academies adhere to these values, they enable the greatest opportunities for success to all their students and staff.

You can contact the Watergrove trust by calling: 01706 399232. Birch Road, Wardle, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL12 9RD.

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