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Sports Celebration Day 2017

As part of our end of year celebrations for students, we are holding an ‘It’s a Knock Out’ competition and a sports event for all form groups on Wednesday 19th July 2017.

All students will be taking part in this event throughout the day and it is fully inclusive. We are hoping this event becomes an annual fixture in our school reward calendar. The student School Council have been fully involved throughout the arrangement of this event and consultation process, as we move to a rewards event that all students can take part in.

St James’ CE Primary Academy

Here at St.James’, we have a clear Mission Statement that underpins all of our work.

We strive to deliver high educational standards, a superb level of care, a strong but sensible moral outlook, an understanding of the modern world and a strong sense of community values echoed by our Christian Ethos: ‘Living the Fruit of The Spirit’ (Galatians 5:22).

St.James’ is a happy, friendly, safe and encouraging place where everyone feels welcome and valued; a place where achievement is expected and is celebrated; a place where all members of the school community care about each other and are kind to each other; a place where behaviour is good and where success of all kinds is noticed so we can take pride in all the work we are doing.

We are very lucky to have an extremely dedicated and supportive staff who work very hard to provide the best opportunities for all our pupils in a safe and happy school environment. We aim to build the skills, knowledge and positive attitudes necessary to help all our pupils become responsible, respectful and tolerant citizens of the future.

The positive support of our parents and the wider community is very important to us all and we maintain an open and welcoming environment where we can work in partnership for the benefit of our pupils.

This website is an important link in the way we communicate all that we do here at St.James’. It provides us with a wonderful opportunity to share and celebrate the life and work of our pupils. This can also be seen via our social media networks.

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Rob Andrew


Holly To Represent Greater Manchester at the England Schools’ Athletic Championships

Holly M, a Year 9 pupil at Wardle Academy has recently been selected to represent Greater Manchester at the English Schools’ Athletic Championships for 2017 in the 200m event.

Her journey from expressing an interest in joining an athletics club following conversations with her PE teacher, Mrs Gabriel, and her rise to this elite standard has been a short and intense one.  She first attended Rochdale Athletics Club when she was in Year 8, but after a few weeks, her commitment waned and she left shortly after. Towards the end of Y8, Holly represented Wardle in the Rochdale Schools’ Athletic Competition. Here she was crowned champion in the 100m and long jump, her two favoured events.

This seemed to reignite a love for the sport and she asked Mrs Gabriel to write to her mum to see if she would be allowed to re-join Rochdale Athletics Club. Holly quickly moved to Bury AC where her training soon intensified. She then needed to make the decision as to whether to move again (to Sale Harriers) so soon after making friends at the club and establishing a training pattern. Joanne (Holly’s mum) and Mrs Gabriel had many conversations about the potential move and it was decided that she should go to Sale Harriers, to get the best possible coaching and give Holly the best chance of success. Holly was soon selected for the elite level training and the Youth Development League competitions, in addition to other competitions that she would attend representing Sale Harriers.

Holly’s 2017 athletics season has already been a busy one, with the majority of her weekends spent travelling around the North to go to competitions. She has focused mainly on the 100m and long jump, more recently turning to the 200m. Her goal was to gain the English School’s qualification time, and after missing the 100m time by 0.1 seconds, she entered the 200m at a competition in May. To her surprise, she ran 26.23s, under the English Schools’ qualifying time. Back at school, Mrs Gabriel suggested that she compete in this event the following weekend at the start of the English Schools’ qualifying process, rather than the 100m she was initially entered for.

Holly represented Wardle Academy and Rochdale Schools’, knowing she had to come in the top two to progress through to the next stage (the Mason Trophy, held in Birmingham) which she did, coming second in the final. At the Mason Trophy, there were no finals. Holly had to perform well in the heats and run the English Schools’ qualifying time in the hope of gaining selection to represent Greater Manchester at the English Schools’ Athletic Championships. Second in her heat, third overall (out of 20 athletes) in a time of 26.22, a new personal best and under the English Schools’ qualifying time, it was the best performance Holly could have asked for.

A nervous wait to hear whether she had been selected, the following Wednesday she received a letter inviting her to represent Greater Manchester at the English Schools’ Athletic Competition on the 6th-8th July 2017. This is an incredible achievement for Holly, and the Wardle Academy community all wish her the best of luck as she competes in this elite competition.


GCSE Exam results 2017

GCSE results day this year is Thursday 24th August.

Students will be able to collect their results from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

If you are not able to attend on the day, there are two options available to you:

1. Bring in a stamped addresses envelope (A5 or A4) before the end of term and the school will post the results to you;

2. Write a note authorising a named person to collect them. That person must have the note and some ID on them to collect the results on behalf of the student.

For more information, please contact Mr Werth, our examinations officer, by email

Support for Those Affected in the Manchester Attack

The terrible attack in Manchester has affected many people in many different ways. This includes some of our student and members of our school community.

Do not suffer in silence!

School Support is Available:

Our pastoral team is dedicated to offering support to anyone who feels concerned or affected by the attack. They are there for you should you need to speak to them. If you need more discrete support, email: and we will offer you help.

UPDATE Further support has been available after the event:

(RCL) After the event

(RCL) Wellbeing-Manchester

Useful links for those looking for a helping hand:

Thrive is a dedicated mental health service for young people. #Thrive can also provide advice and support to parents, carers and anyone that works with a child or young person. Click here for a link to visit their website. 

Rochdale will be delivering a number of counselling sessions for those affected. Click the link below for info:

Rochdale emotional health and wellbeing response due to an incident on 22-0…

If you are worried about your mental health as a result of the attack please take a look at the government issues leaflet below:

psychological care leaflet

The leaflet outlines common reactions, simple suggestions for how to cope and ways in which children may be supported to cope during the next few days.

Wardle Academy is dedicating time to supporting and educating its young people on the Manchester Attack. Assemblies are taking place and lesson time is being used to ensure every student feels supported and knows where to go should they need to talk to someone. We are there to help you.

Stay Strong Manchester.



Wardle Academy Loves to Read

As part of their new reading initiatives, Wardle Academy students have been explaining their favourite books and why they love to read. Wardle Academy students have access to a wide range of literacy resources. These are made available through the academy’s English lessons and regular access to our library resources. Our aim is to have all students reading regularly and experiencing the love that comes with a good book!

Why do you love to read? Let us know.

Year 7 – 10 assessment calendar

With GCSE courses now assessed through an examination at the end of Year 11, and the reduction of the coursework element, it is important that our students are able to complete tests to the best standard they can. The purpose of these assessments is to build up our students’ revision skills, techniques and resilience to be able to cope with the increasing pressures of formal examinations. It will also help us to identify any students who we feel will need additional support with examinations and will allow us to put interventions in place for future years.

Wardle Academy Wind Band Hit the Platinum Standard

Wardle Academy is well known for its success in music, in particular, the achievements of its Youth Band. However, the accomplishments of Wardle Academy’s Youth Band is only part of the tremendous success that the school’s Performing Arts teams have had this year. In addition to brass bands, Wardle Academy’s young musicians perform in the Wardle Academy Wind Band.

The Wind Band is made up of brass and woodwind players from the Academy. Woodwind is the instrument family that includes flutes, clarinets and saxophones. It currently has around 50 members.  Like the brass players, many of the woodwind players take this up at primary school and carry on their playing into secondary school and like the school’s brass bands, the Wardle Academy Wind Band has had a very successful year.

In November, the Wind Band took part in one of the regional entries of the National Concert Band Festival (NCBF) at Newman College, Oldham. The NCBF is the culmination of a huge number of bands participating first in regional festivals, representing over 5,000 musicians in total. The performance by the Wind Band was an exceptional display of talent from a dedicated group of young musicians and resulted in the group receiving a Platinum Award in November and an automatic invitation to the Nationals in April 2017.

The National Concert Band Festival was held at Warwick Hall, Warwick on Saturday 8th April 2017. Despite the increased competition, the Wardle Wind Band delivered another fabulous performance. Adjudicators; Duncan Stubbs, Simon Platford said:

“This was a highly performed quality performance.  The maturity of the sound was exceptional for players at this age.  Very well done.”

“Some very well-controlled sustained playing.  A very impressive mature performance.  Balance and dynamic control were a very high quality – I could have heard this over and over again – emotional, intense and thoroughly musical.  Well Done”

The wind band are continuing to work hard and build on their already impressive success this year. The group have just been invited to perform at the Music for Youth National Festival which takes place at Birmingham Symphony Hall in July. From there, many of its players will be travelling to Alicante to perform two concerts on a music tour.

These outstanding achievements are a credit to the dedication of the young musicians who work so hard and to their musical tutors who give up their time to facilitate these opportunities for success.

HMI Report from Monitoring Visit carried out on Monday 20th March 2017

On Monday 20th March 2017, a Monitoring Visit of Wardle Academy was carried out by Her Majesty’s Inspector, Mrs Pippa Jackson Maitland. This was a follow-up to the Ofsted inspection of February 2016 which found the school to ‘require improvement’. The purpose of the monitoring visit is to determine whether effective action is being taken to deal with the areas requiring improvement and whether or not further monitoring visits are necessary before the next full Ofsted Inspection.

HMI Monitoring Visit – Letter from Headteacher



24th April 2017


Dear Parent/Carers

HMI Report from Monitoring Visit carried out on Monday 20th March 2017

On Monday 20th March 2017, a Monitoring Visit of Wardle Academy was carried out by Her Majesty’s Inspector, Mrs Pippa Jackson Maitland. This was a follow-up to the Ofsted inspection of February 2016 which found the school to ‘require improvement’. The purpose of the monitoring visit is to determine whether effective action is being taken to deal with the areas requiring improvement and whether or not further monitoring visits are necessary before the next full Ofsted Inspection.

The most important point contained within the report is as follows:

  • Senior leaders, governors and the trust are taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement identified at the recent Section 5 inspection in order to become a good school.

Her Majesty’s Inspector, Mrs Jackson Maitland, met with many of our students and staff as well as senior leaders and members of the Governing Body and Trust. She observed a range of different lessons, carried out a scrutiny of pupils’ work, achievement data and other school documentation.

The link below will take you to the full HMI report for Wardle Academy. This report will be published on the Ofsted web-site on Thursday 27th April 2017.

Wardle Academy Monitoring Visit Report – 2017

In this letter, I have drawn together the key points from the report so that everyone has a clear idea of the areas where we have made the most progress over the past year and the areas for development.

Improvements noted in the HMI report March 2017:

  • Governors now have a very clear focus on the academy’s performance. Governors are ambitious for the academy and are ‘dynamic’ and ‘strategic’ in their approach.
  • The academy now has ‘clear lines of accountability’ which ensure that staff are held to account by governors for pupils’ outcomes.
  • Fixed term exclusions have been significantly reduced and a much more strategic approach is being taken which is driven by the need to protect the learning of all students.
  • Pupils’ behaviour has improved and there is now a clear focus on developing good learning habits.
  • All academy staff are now aware of the need for strong outcomes for SEND and disadvantaged pupils. (These were already much improved in 2016 compared to 2015 and for SEND students they were very good when compared to other schools but we recognise the need to maintain this improvement)
  • Overall attendance has improved
  • There is now a ‘relentless focus’ on teaching and learning and the three initiatives, ‘Strong starts’, ‘Green Pen Tasks’ and  ‘Go Green Weeks’ are all starting to have a positive impact
  • Preparation and planning for lessons is now much stronger
  • Questioning in lessons is now being used much more carefully to ‘encourage engagement, focus thinking, challenge misconceptions and deepen understanding’
  • Monitoring programmes (Book Looks, lesson drop-ins, data checks) are now more rigorous and are bringing about improvement

The impact of our actions is now evaluated much more thoroughly. We make sure things are working ‘before moving on’.

The HMI Report also says that the academy should take further action to: 

  • Identify those pupils who have already met or exceeded their academic targets, celebrate their achievements and set new targets
  • Revise the school’s action plans so that they are succinct and have clearly defined deadlines.

We agree with both these points and work has already begun to address them.

Whilst we are very pleased that the HMI Report recognises the improvements which have been made and the hard work of students, staff and governors we are now looking forward to continuing the process so that we can provide the very best education for all our children.

We are grateful for the support we receive from you, parent/carers, as this is vital in helping us become the best school we can possibly be.

Yours faithfully


Carole Fisher




Wardle Academy Monitoring Visit Report

On Monday 20th March 2017, a Monitoring Visit of Wardle Academy was carried out by Her Majesty’s Inspector, Mrs Pippa Jackson Maitland. This was a follow-up to the Ofsted inspection of February 2016 which found the school to ‘require improvement’. The purpose of the monitoring visit is to determine whether effective action is being taken to deal with the areas requiring improvement and whether or not further monitoring visits are necessary before the next full Ofsted Inspection.

Headteacher’s Blog

This term has been very eventful for both staff and students; staff have been working hard to ensure that lessons are maintaining ‘Strong Starts’, focussing on the first ten minutes, delivering lessons that are interesting and engaging for all students. Senior and middle leaders are monitoring the progress of this for staff training.

Sporting Stars
Friday 17th March saw Wardle Academy set off on their annual trip to Borreatton Park for the England Netball PGL Tournament. Taking four teams and dressed in their new ‘tour’ kit, the girls were ready for a full weekend of netball and determined to win as many medals as possible. The girls were clearly ready for the challenge and, after a long weekend of tournaments, the year 8 and 9 teams managed to take home the titles. This is a fantastic achievement for our netball teams and clearly proves the hard-work and determination of the players and their teachers. Well done!

Options choices for current year 9 students will be made after Easter, our staff will be on hand during this time in order to assist students and ensure that they choose the subjects most appropriate for them.  At this stage, there is likely to be a number of ‘pathways’ for students to take which will allow a choice of up to three additional GCSEs over the statutory core subjects of English, Maths, Science, PE and Citizenship. We will continue to provide regular updates to parents/ carers regarding GCSE options.

Pride Points
Since September 2016, our PRIDE Points rewards system has seen over 58,777 individual PRIDE points awarded to students at Wardle Academy. Following consultation with the Student Council, we are currently reviewing the prizes that are presented with the reward certificates. Each year group has contributed to the survey; choosing the most appropriate awards for their year group. Nu-Hope continues to be developed within our school and the system is working well, behaviour for learning has improved and student engagement is good.Due to the excellent impact that Nu-Hope has had here at Wardle Academy, we have recently appointed a Behaviour for Learning and Rewards Manager, whose primary focus will be our behaviour for learning and rewards system. We believe that this appointment will see the Nu-Hope strategy become even more successful. There will be further updates in May.

Music Events
Last Friday, we held a very successful musical evening where we saw performances from all of our musical groups. The event was well attended and we are exceptionally proud of our talented students. Parents and carers, staff and students all thoroughly enjoyed the event. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support with our musical events and any other extra-curricular arrangements.
Tomorrow night, we are welcoming staff and students from the Manger Folkehogskule in Norway. The students are travelling to England on Saturday and embarking on a week-long tour of the North-West and I am delighted to say that they will begin their journey with us, here at Wardle Academy. Tickets have been selling fast for this event and there has been much anticipation from our staff and students; we are confident that this will prove to be an excellent evening.

Wardle Wise
Our in-house support system, Wardle Wise, recently hosted a Parental Workshop in order to raise awareness of the different kinds of mental illnesses, how to cope with them and in particular, how they affect young people. This was a great event which was both informative and enjoyable and it was great to have parents and staff working together to learn more about such an important and relevant issue.
Wardle Wise will be hosting a number of events and campaigns throughout the rest of the year, we will continue to keep you updated on these efforts. If you would like any more information, please e-mail us on:

This year’s Year 11 Prom will take place at The Riverside, Whitworth on the 14th of July. There will be an Oscars style award ceremony along with music and entertainment all night. A photo-booth will be available to use on the night and drinks and refreshments will be served at the venue. Tickets will be available to purchase after the Easter Break at the price of £27.

Attendance Awards
Attendance at Wardle Academy continues to be closely monitored in order to ensure that attendance figures remain  as high as possible, with students arriving to school on time with a good attitude towards learning. I would like to thank parents and carers for contacting school in the event of a child’s absence.  May I ask that you continue to do so by contacting reception on: 01706 373911.
This week, all students with 100% attendance received an Easter egg. We have seen a great rise in attendance figures recently and we hope that this will continue to improve upon our return after the Easter Break.

Syria Relief Non-uniform day
Today, we held a whole-school non-uniform day in aid of the Syria Crisis. Students were encouraged to bring a £1 donation; all proceeds are being donated to Oxfam for Syria Relief. The total of money raised is still being counted, keep posted on our social media channels and website for the final amount!

Student Success
A number of students from years 10 and 11 have recently graduated from the ‘Teens and Toddlers’ programme. This is an opportunity for teenagers to mentor younger children, whilst building the life skills and self-belief they need to succeed at school and work within the community. This is a great scheme and we are privileged to be able to work with the people at Teens and Toddlers in order to provide our students with as much experience and opportunity as possible.

Easter School
Over the Easter Break, we will be holding an ‘Easter School’ from the 7th – 13th of April. Our staff have been working hard to create revision materials and resources that cover the whole curriculum, there are a number of sessions for each subject during this week and we feel that it would be beneficial for all our students to attend as many sessions as possible.
The next term is vitally important in terms of revision and exam preparation, I would like to remind all students of the resources made available to you from your subject teachers and urge you to take advantage of your Easter Break in order to prepare. If you are unsure of something, or would like and help or advice throughout the lead-up to exams, you must speak to your subject teachers and they will be happy to help.May I now take this opportunity to wish all of you a restful and enjoyable Easter Break, we look forward to welcoming our students back on Wednesday, 19th April, refreshed and ready to learn.

C Fisher,

Wardle Academy Headteacher

Wardle Academy Bands win National Championships

On Sunday 2nd April, Wardle Academy’s Youth Band, Junior Band and ‘Junior Blast’ Band, which includes students from Wardle Academy and local primary schools in the Rochdale community, took part in the National Youth Brass Band Championships of Great Britain at Salford University. This prestigious event is the biggest youth brass competition in the UK and sees the highest calibre of youth brass talent competing to be crowned National Champions.

Wardle Academy entered three bands into the competition at different levels; Wardle Junior Blast, which comprises of 40 students aged between 7 and 11, Wardle Junior Band which includes 52 students aged between 11 and 16, and Wardle Youth Band, which is the most senior band entered and comprises of students and ex-students aged from 11 to 18.

The competition was fierce and there were some fabulous performances across all three competition sections. However, despite the competition, Wardle Academy won all three competition entries!

Wardle Junior Blast – National Youth Beginner Section Champions.

Wardle Junior Band – National Youth Junior Section Champions.

Wardle Youth Band – National Youth Intermediate Section Champions.

Below is a clip from the Youth Band’s performance of ‘Rhapsody for Euphonium’ featuring Amelia M on Euphonium.

Wardle Academy’s Youth Band, who were already crowned National Youth Entertainment Champions of Great Britain in February this year, will also represent England at the European Youth Brass Band Championships in the Netherlands in May 2018.

Head of Music at Wardle Academy, Mrs Julie Morris said:

“This is an incredible achievement to not just win one section but three, gaining three National titles in one day!  We are incredibly proud to have so much talent in one school and within our feeder primary schools.  Special thanks to the hard work of all those involved, especially Lee Rigg, who conducted all three bands on the day, Jane Conway and Gwen Smith who also tutor many of the pupils involved and to the parents who continue to support us.”


Huge congratulations to all the students and the performing arts team. This incredible achievement is a credit to the hard work and dedication of everyone who works so hard within this department. We will be cheering them on when they compete in the European Championships in May 2018.

Amelia M ‘Rhapsody for Euphonium’

A fantastic performance from Amelia. This piece was performed at the National Youth Brass Championships and is Amelia’s GCSE Music Performance Piece. Wardle Academy is incredibly proud of its musical traditions. The hard work and dedication of these young people are a credit, both to them and their teachers.

The Youth Band will now compete at international level in the Netherlands, next year.

Pupil Premium Policy

The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011, and paid by means of a specific grant based on
school census figures for pupils.

Pupil Premium is calculated by the number of FSM children at the school in addition to the number
of looked after children, who attend the school, calculated using the Children Looked After data
returns. A premium has also been introduced for children whose parents are currently serving in
the armed forces. This service premium is designed to address the emotional and social well-being
of these pupils.

Please note that the Pupil Premium Policy should be read in conjunction with the Disadvantaged Funding Strategy and Disadvantaged funding report. Both can be found within the related information section.
Document Version History:
v2: 28/03/2017 Policy reviewed and updated by C Bowyer (Deputy Headteacher) - 28/03/17
Policy due for review: 28/03/18

Other Related Info

Ski Trip 2017

The recent school ski trip was an amazing experience for the students who went. A big thank you to the students for their excellent responsibility and representation of the school. Have a look at the fantastic photos below. Click on the photo to enlarge the image.

SMSC Policy

The school strives to build a community which encourages all its members to develop a healthy respect for each other. In addition, we provide a happy, stimulating and caring environment where there are opportunities, encouragement and stimuli to develop each student to her full potential.
Document Version History:
v1: 23/03/2017 Last reviewed by C Bowyer (23/03/2017)
Next review: 23/03/2018

Wardle Academy’s Mental Health Awareness Workshop is huge success

A big thank you to everyone who attended our Mental Health Awareness Workshop in partnership with #thrive on Tuesday, March 14th. The feedback we have received has been very positive.

We are particularly pleased with the level of detail regarding suggestions on how to move forward with our Wardle Wise initiative. These have been taken on board and plans are already in motion for additional provision, suggested by you, for the benefit of our students and community.

All the resources and links to the agencies mentioned within Tuesday’s workshop are being organised and will soon be available on our website, as requested by parents.

Thank you again for your support on what was a fantastic workshop.

Wardle Academy’s Science Department Deliver Some Dynamic Demos as Part of British Science Week 2017

British Science Week is predominantly a grassroots celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths with thousands of events and activities organised in schools, in communities and by a whole host of cultural organisations, businesses and other venues. It is a fantastic way to grow imaginations of our young people and show the brilliant potential of the scientific subjects.

The theme for this year’s British Science Week is “Change”, encouraging young people to think about and investigate the changes happening in the world all around us; from seasons and climate to materials and energy. It is also a chance for young people to consider the changes they can enact to have a positive impact on the future.

As part of British Science Week, Wardle Academy’s Science Department organised a range of activities and resources to inspire and educate our young students.

Our Year 7 & 8 students have taken part in:

  • Do Now Quizzes
  • A Poster competition
  • Citizen Science Penguin Watch
  • Photography competitions.

As well as throughout Science lessons, our STEM club and our Eco club, students have also been treated to a ‘Dynamic Demo’ by our Mr Mik, who did an excellent job of pushing the imaginations of students by delivering an intense demonstration of some of some powerful chemical changes.

For more on British Science week, visit:

Wardle Academy’s Drama department delivers an outstanding performance at the Oldham Coliseum.

As part of the Coliseum’s Education Partnership Scheme, Mr Brown and selected pupils worked to produce a public performance for the Oldham Coliseum’s main stage. Our partnership provides opportunities for us to develop long-term, meaningful links with the theatre where, throughout the year, students take part in workshops and theatre visits.

 This year, in response to Meat, Pie, Sausage Roll, we have created a performance that explores family, fandom, loyalty and friendship. We came together with other schools to perform Reasons to be Cheerful on the Coliseum’s Main Stage and it was a huge success!

We thought the group from Wardle Academy was absolutely amazing yesterday. They were so focused, professional and slick, it looked absolutely fantastic. Please pass on how much everyone enjoyed it, Chris our Associate director, was blown away by their talent. Many thanks for being a part of the Oldham Coliseum partnership, and long may it continue!”

Oldham Coliseum

CEIAG Gold Award

All young people have access to suit their needs, to careers education, information, advice and guidance in Years 7-11 (and years 12/13/14 where applicable) and to impartial and independent careers information, advice and guidance that suits their need.
CEIAG Inspection Framework, Inspiring IAG

The Inspiring IAG Gold Award is a  nationally validated careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) quality award that is given to schools that meet the range of criteria, focusing on quality, diversity and raising the aspirations of young people.   The award not only enables organisations to be recognised for good quality careers education, information, advice and guidance but to also assists in meeting legislation, preparing for inspection and providing a better service to young people.

Inspiring IAG was one of the first awards in the country to be nationally validated by The Quality in Careers Standard (QiCS) which is the overarching national standard that endorses CEIAG quality awards meeting the national validation criteria.   


Other Related Info

Year 10 Parents’ Evening

Year 10 Parents’ Evening takes place on Thursday 9th March 2017 and this event offers you the opportunity to discuss the progress of your child at this very important stage in their school career.  It is important to discuss progress and to ensure that your child is on track to achieve at least their Nationally Expected Grades in all subjects.


Wardle Academy Students Deliver an Outstanding E-safety Evening

On Tuesday 7th February, schools across the UK worked to raise awareness of internet safety among young people. Safer Internet Day 2017 is celebrated globally and coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre, Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity to talk to your family and friends about the safe, responsible and positive use of technology, and to ‘give a smile’ to help create a kinder online community.

Wardle Academy ensures that internet safety is integrated into several areas of the curriculum. Our priority of student safety and wellbeing includes providing a good awareness of appropriate and responsible online behaviour. Part of our new Wardle Wise scheme is to ensure E-safety provisions and awareness efforts are distributed beyond the classroom and are accessible for our students and wider school community.

Throughout our E-safety week (WC 6/2/17), lessons were dedicated to E-safety awareness. These covered a number of different areas, including; cyberbullying, the importance of a person’s online conduct and an understanding of online images. Students were even invited to our ‘Selfie Station’ to help us raise awareness of the link between self-esteem and images you can find on the internet. It is important that we all think critically about everything found on the internet, especially when it comes to images and how images can affect ourselves and/or others.

An evening run by the Student Council of Wardle Academy

In order to promote awareness of the importance of E-safety and provide parents with a better understanding of the resources available to them, the Wardle Academy Student Council delivered an E-safety evening to parents and students. The evening covered 4 key areas; Cyber Crime, Cyberbullying, Phone apps, and online behaviour. An opening lecture was also delivered by our Vice Chair of Governors. This hard hitting assembly really helped to deliver the message of how important it is to think ahead when online.

Teams of our students delivered seminars on each topic to an audience. The information provided was invaluable, with the audience left both shocked and impressed at the knowladge that our students delivered.

“This evening was amazing. I learnt so much.”

“Absolutely Flipping Brilliant-you should be so proud guys-well done.”

The success of this evening and the positive feedback that has been received has resulted in Wardle Academy intending to both repeat the evening for parents and extend our E-safety awareness provision to our feeder primary schools. Thank you to everyone who attended the event and to all the students who worked so hard to provide their audiences with such essential knowledge.

Our E-safety provision is part of our Wardle Wise scheme. Wardle Wise has been created to provide our school community with constant access to support, advice and provision on a range of community and well-being subjects. You can learn more about Wardle Wise here. 

The “Grown Folks” Guide to Popular Apps in Social Media

Technology moves fast and so does social media. This resource is dedicated to helping adults stay current with what’s new in the world of popular social media sites and applications (apps) for youth. The information provided is not exhaustive, but focuses on the trends and will be updated periodically as new apps and sites become popular.

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Policy

The Education and Skills Act 2008 requires schools, in the delivery of their statutory requirement to provide careers education, to provide impartial information and advice to ensure that information about learning options and careers promotes the best interests of pupils. It also requires schools to have regard to any statutory guidance about careers education issued by the DCSF.
Document Version History:
v1: 15/01/2017 Policy updated by C Bowyer (Deputy Headteacher) - January 2017
Policy due for review - January 2018.

Wardle Academy Youth Band are the Entertainment Champions of Great Britain

On Sunday 12th February, Wardle Academy’s Youth Band and Training Band participated in the 2017 Action Medical Research Youth Entertainment Championships at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens.

Now in its 33rd year, the competition for the top titles in this championship has always been tough, with a number of award-winning youth bands on the list. Despite this competition, we are delighted to announce that the Wardle Academy Youth Band achieved the award for best march, first in entertainment and third in music, making them overall the National Youth Entertainment Champions of Great Britain.

The band entertained audiences with a well-crafted entertainment set based on the recent American presidential elections with a fantastic selection of solo and group performances alongside some superb cameo performances from students performing elements of the presidential race. Both the crowd and judges were dazzled with the show that was delivered, resulting in a standing ovation.

“Comedy, musicality, a variety of pieces and entertainment. This is outstanding.”

John Doyle, Entertainment Judge for the Senior Competition. 


Wardle Academy’s Training Band also performed in the junior division of the competition. This was their first performance in a major festival. Their performance and representation of the Academy was exceptional. They were a credit to the school.

 “Overall a slick performance which had a bit of everything. I particularly enjoyed the end, the band went out with a bang!”

Alex Bray, Junior Performance Judge.


“We are incredibly proud of every student that took part in these competitions. Each student has been a fantastic example of the hard work and dedication that they have put into these performances. We are already looking forward to the Youth Band’s performance at the sage in Gateshead, later this year.”

Julie Morris, Wardle Academy Director of Performing Arts.


As a result of winning the competition, Wardle Academy’s Youth band have been invited to perform at the Sage in Gateshead. The school will be working hard to raise funds to get the band to this performance. If anyone would like to help raise funds or make a donation to the Youth Band’s efforts, please contact the school.

Food and Nutrition GCSE

  • Contact: Ms J Sutcliffe – Food and Nutrition Teacher
About the courseWhat will it be like?AssessmentBeyond Year 11

About the course

Pupils will investigate all aspects of food through practical activities involving the combination of skills with knowledge and understanding in order to design and make quality food products. Pupils will need ingredients for one lesson a week and the finished product will be brought home.

What will it be like?

Pupils will complete mini projects in Year 10 on pasta, pastry, cakes, breads and main meals. These projects allow all students to develop their designing and making skills in preparation for the controlled assessment project. They will also extend their knowledge and understanding in preparation for the exam. The project briefs for the controlled assessment are distributed by the exam board and completed in workbooks provided from the board in Year 11.


60% Controlled assessment
40% Examination

Beyond Year 11

This course is suitable for anyone going on to hospitality and catering training or apprenticeships and anyone going into professional cookery. Sectors of employment include jobs relating to environmental health, dieticians, fitness and diet professionals. Employment can also be found in food sales, marketing, logistics, finance, retail, purchasing , being a buyer for a food retailer and all aspects of the catering and hospitality industry. Journalism and the media also employ people with food technology qualifications.

Textiles GCSE

  • Contact: Mrs Ransome – Textiles teacher
About the courseWhat will it be like?Areas of studyAssessmentBeyond Year 11

About the course

Textiles technology is the study of fashion and furnishings. It is a very successful subject at Wardle Academy and has an excellent pass rate. It is taught through practical and independent study. Pupils will develop their awareness of the textiles industry. Pupils will be able to plan and make their own textiles product.

What will it be like?

Students will be able to work in the style of a real designer, by doing their own research and product analysis. They will design their own products and make their own pattern templates. Pupils will work on developing lots of embellishment techniques including applique, beading, printing, computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacture (CAM). They will then use a sewing machine to make fashion and textiles products. Pupils will keep up to date with recent technology including SMART fabrics and they will have the opportunity to integrate electronics into their textiles product in order to make them light up.

Areas of study will include:

  • Embellishments, fashion illustration, research, shop reports and fashion construction
  • Fibres, fabrics and components
  • Design and market influences
  • Product analysis
  • Social, cultural, moral health and safety
  • Environmental issues, processes and manufacture
  • Smart materials and electronic textiles.


60% coursework (Controlled assessment)
40% Examination (2 hour exam)

Beyond Year 11

Textiles is a perfect choice for a career in the fashion industry, buying or retail work.

Resistant Materials GCSE

  • Contact: Miss W Wild – Head of Technology
About the courseWhat will it be like?Areas of studyAssessmentBeyond Year 11

About the course

Resistant Materials is a course which encourages candidates to be able to design and make products with creativity and originality, using a range of materials and techniques.

What will it be like?

Students will experience design and making activities through project work. They will also gain a knowledge of woods metals, plastics and smart/composite materials. The major project for this course will be a controlled assessment set by the exam board to produce a 20 page A3 folder and product.

Areas of study will include:

  • Materials and components
  • Properties/working characteristics of a variety of materials.
  • CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacture)
  • Environmental issues
  • Processes and manufacture
  • Health and Safety


60% coursework
40% Examination (2 hour exam)

Beyond Year 11

Beyond Year 11, students can go on to further study in construction and engineering, mechanical engineering and manufacturing engineering. The range of careers include working in the construction industry which includes shop fitting, theatre set design, joinery, teaching, furniture design, kitchen design and installation.

Wardle Academy Student to Represent Team GB in World Championships

Wardle Academy student, Rebecca N, has been chosen to join the Great Britain under 19’s girls underwater hockey team and represent Great Britain in the World Championships.

Rebecca has been training in underwater hockey since Year 7. Her hard work and dedication has paid off as she begins to step up her training in preparation for the World Championships, which will be held in Tazmania. Former Wardle Academy student, Zach Tait, will also be representing team GB in the championships.

Rebecca said:

“I am very proud of both myself and my teammates for getting selected to represent Great Britain in the underwater hockey World Championships. I can’t wait to spend time with such amazing people and go on a plane for the very first time!!! Although 30 hours of flying is a bit daunting…

I need to start training harder now since the coaches will be watching me like a hawk now I’ve been selected, but I’ve always been one for a challenge. I’m slightly upset to be missing the school prom, but it is definitely going to be worth it! Tasmania here I come.

Rebecca will be training for 15 hours a week in preparation for the championships, as well as studying. She will need lots of support for before both her exams and the championship, but her dedication and work ethic means that everyone is confident that she will succeed in both.

After her time at Wardle Academy, Rebecca intends to pursue her ambitions in underwater hockey in preparation for the opportunity to join the elite GB team.  We can’t wait to follow her success.

Good luck to Rebecca and the rest of the team.

ASPIRE – Assessment Without Levels

New GCSEs are being introduced by the government and will be sat for the first time in the summer of 2017. This is the same for all schools in the country. The new GCSEs will be graded on a scale from 1-9: grade 9 being the highest, grade 1 being the lowest.

The table below provides a guide as to the new grading system:

The new system does not mirror the old letter grade system of the legacy GCSEs exactly. However, the new grade 4 is in-line with the current grade C, and the new grade 7 is in-line with the old grade A.

This new system is being phased in starting with English and maths. Most other subjects will be phased in for the summer of 2018:

  • Year 11 students in 2017 will sit new GCSEs in English and maths and legacy GCSEs in all their other subjects

Where students are studying towards legacy GCSEs, we will be reporting to parent/carers using the old A*-G* grades. For subjects that will be new GCSEs, we will report using the new 1-9 grades.

  • Year 10 students in 2017 will be sitting new GCSEs in the vast majority of subjects in year 11.
  • Year 7-9 students in 2017  will be sitting new GCSEs in every subject once they reach year 11.
Reporting at Wardle Academy

Once every half term, your child’s subject teacher will assess the grade your child is currently working at. This assessment will reflect class work and any examination/test performance in that subject.  This grade will be updated on target stickers in your child’s exercise books.

This working at grade will be reported to you as interim reports and a full report. Alongside this, we will publish your child’s expected and ASPIRE targets in each subject.

Assessment in Year 7 and 8

Since September 2015 every Key Stage 3 student in school has been following a 9-1 grading system. This is in line with the new National GCSE grades which have been introduced by the government as part of the amended GCSE Programme of Study. 9 is the highest grade (equivalent to a top end A* in previous grading). National Curriculum Levels which you may be familiar with to track your child’s progress are no longer in use. All schools throughout the country will now have a different, bespoke method to track pupil progress.

At Wardle Academy, all students in all years will be assessed on the new scale of 1-9. We believe that it is very important that teachers, parent/carers, and the students themselves view progress as a journey over 5 years. All students are on a progress journey to success at the end of year 11. Students are not expected to move up the scale quickly; the average grade at the end of year 8 should be around a 2 or 3. Progress should be steady and secure over time. Students will have an Expected Target each year that they will be working towards which has been calculated using their end of Key Stage 2 data from primary SATs tests. We aspire for all our students to work beyond this target so in addition all students will have an ASPIRE Target which, if they reach, will ensure that they achieve above their end of year and GCSE targets. Targets will be reviewed to ensure they are challenging for all students.

For some of our younger students, being assessed on a 1-9 scale does create an element of challenge.

We feel the benefits of this system are:

  • it encourages all students to stretch themselves as they travel on their progress journey;
  • the 1-9 scale is linked to the new GCSE grades therefore it is easier to understand as we have one system for tracking for all students
  • it is easier for teachers, students and parent/carers to monitor progress over time. As students are measured against the same criteria from year 7 through to year 11, we can clearly see the progress each individual is making in all subjects. Students who need stretching further, or who need more support, are easier to identify.
Example Flight Path Tables

The example below shows  targets for a student who arrived with either a Key Stage 2 level of 4b or a scaled score of 100 (which represents the Key Stage 2 national expectation):


Wardle Academy Targets (4b / 100 scaled score student)

NEP target ASPIRE target
Year 7 1 = 1 +
Year 8 2 – 2 =
KS3 (Year 9) 3 – 3 =
KS4 (Year 11) 5 6

If students come in with higher or lower Key Stage 2 scores then their targets will reflect this accordingly.

NEP stand for Nationally Expected Progress and represents the average progress made by a student from this starting point. The ASPIRE target reflects the fact that we aspire for our students to achieve more than just the average and so should push themselves to achieve at and even above this higher target in many of their subjects.


In Years 7 ,8 and 9 parent/carers will receive reports 3 times per year. Two of these reports will be an interim report, they will show students current grades and attitude to learning and homework. It is colour coded to show where they are achieving their expected end of year grades.

As we get closer to the end of the year, where a student is on target, the reports will become increasingly colourful as the students meet or exceed the expected standard in their subjects. As a school, we place greater emphasis on students’ final grade, while ensuring they are on track throughout the year.

Colour Explanation
Excellent progress
Mastering – Reached ASPIRE
Secure – Reached expected
Developing – Working towards target

The 3rd report will be a full report that will contain additional staff comments, student strengths and next steps:

Guide to teacher effort (Attitude to Learning) codes:

A = Maximum effort is put into their work, they are always very positive.

B = A lot of effort is put into their work most of the time.

C = Very little effort is put into their work and this is affecting their progress.

D = They need to consistently put more effort into their work and have a more positive attitude.

Guide to homework codes:

A = Maximum effort is put into completing work on time and to a good standard.

B = Some effort has been put into completing work on time and to a good standard.

C = Very little effort is put into work (although it is completed on time).

D = Very little effort is put into work (and homework is often late).

E = No effort is put into work (and homework is rarely handed in).



In year 10  parent/carers receive an interim report 5 times in the year and in year 11 4 times. In addition, parent/carers will also receive a full report.


‘Breaking the mould’ Wardle students embark on exciting new video documentary

Wardle Academy works hard to ensure that every student feels welcome and safe in the school environment. Last year, this hard work meant the school achieved ‘School of Sanctuary’ status. The first in the North West to do so. School of Sanctuary status is awarded to schools that help its students, staff and wider community understand what it means to be seeking sanctuary and to extend a welcome to everyone as equal, valued members of the school community. Read the full story here. 

Wardle Academy is inclusive of all students and wants to raise awareness about social issues both within the local community and throughout the country. As a result of its efforts with students who have come to England as refugees, Wardle Academy students will be taking part in a documentary film about how Rochdale is embracing different cultures and communities in order to improve awareness of growing changes in our social environment and remove the stigma surrounding the integration of different cultures.

Students will be taking part in a six-week project to make the documentary. The film will be directed by London film maker, Ashley Pegg, alongside Actor, Parvez Quadir from the Royal Exchange Theatre and Yasin Khan – Equality and Community Cohesion Officer from Rochdale Local authority. Students have recently taken part in a planning session so they can get to know the filmmakers. They have discussed everything they have achieved in school and shared ideas and experiences on how they can raise awareness and understanding to young people in Rochdale and Greater Manchester. The students have already changed attitudes within our school community about students speaking English as an additional Language (EAL). The response from the whole school has been very positive with an increasing understanding of the challenges our EAL students face.

“Wardle Academy is a forward thinking school that has an understanding of wider community responsibilities that the school has and can deliver through projects such as this.”

Yasin Khan, Rochdale local authority.


We are delighted to be part of this project and will be keeping you up to date with how things develop.

Wardle Academy students celebrate qualification success.

Congratulations to the Wardle Academy students who have obtained their entry 3 qualification in Personal and Social Skills after working at Smithybridge Nursery for 13 weeks.

For the past 13 weeks, students; Alice G, Molly W, Ebony H, Jessica A, Jade S, lucile H, Ieesha A and Olivia B have been working towards their entry 3 qualification in personal and social skills. The girls worked in Smithybridge Nursery for 1 afternoon a week for 13 weeks. They mentored a toddler to improve their behavior, confidence and social skills. While taking part in the programme, the girls grew in confidence and improved their communication skills with the adults around them.

Effective communication skills are integral to progression in the workplace. Effective communication is an important life skill that enables us to better understand and connect with the people around us. It allows us to build respect and trust, resolve differences and foster environments where problem solving, caring, affection and creative ideas can thrive. (source) 

These Wardle Academy students have been given the opportunity to improve these important traits. Their hard work has paid of with an additional qualification that was presented to them at the national football museum in Manchester in front of an audience of around 200. 

The girls had such an amazing time! Mrs Bamford and Mrs Edwards travelled on the train with Alice and Molly, meeting the other girls and their parents at the museum. There were refreshments on hand while the girls looked at photos of themselves taken when they were at Smithybridge Nursery. The girls then sat in their seats alongside another 200 (approx.) girls from Stockport, Bury and Rochdale schools. We were also so happy that past pupil Olivia B also joined us to receive her certificate and celebrate with her fellow graduates.

The girls were given their certificates by Angela Rayner, the Shadow Secretary of State for Education who gave an inspirational speech about achievement and overcoming obstacles. The Mayor and Mayoress of Stockport also attended.

The girls clapped, danced and shouted, supporting all the other students receiving their certificates. They saved the best to last as the girls were the last group on stage but this didn’t effect the atmosphere, it was still electric with a lot of support being shown for our girls!

A huge congratulations to all of the students involved.

Incredible IT projects from Year 9 students.

Some amazing efforts from Wardle Academy Year 9 students in their new ICT projects.

ICT is a key component of study at Wardle Academy. Our ICT department equips our students with adaptable skills that they will use again and again, both during their time in education and when they move into the world of work. ICT literacy in the modern workplace is becoming more and more important. Wardle Academy recognises this and we prepare our students accordingly. Currently, our Year 9 students are studying animation. They will be impressing us this term by creating their own animations using Adobe Flash.

Last term, these students were asked to complete a research project on animation over the Christmas break. Students were required to research the different types of animation and present their information in an interesting manner. The quality of work that we received has been exceptional. Many students have clearly worked hard on this research project and should be very proud of the outstanding work that they have done. Two students that deserve a special mention are Eleanor and Najab who produced some truly fantastic research projects.

These students were awarded a Headteacher’s merit for their amazing effort and presentation. Well done to everyone who worked so hard on the start of this new IT project in Year. Keep it up guys!

You can learn more about Wardle Academy’s IT curriculum provision by clicking here. 

Other Related Info

SENDiass Drop-in sessions

Need information, advice or just a listening ear on issues around Special Educational Needs? SENDiass offer free drop-in sessions on the first Friday of every month.

Drop in for a tea or coffee in a relaxed setting and speak in confidence to other parents and impartial professionals from Rochdale

SENDiass (formerly parent partnership) First Thursday of every month!

5th January, 2nd February and 2nd March 10.00am-12.00pm @ Meanwood Sure Start Children’s Centre, Churchill Street,

Rochdale OL12 7DJ

For more information call 01706 515 741

Health and Safety Policy

The governing body of Wardle Academy look upon the promotion of Health and Safety measures as a mutual objective for themselves and their employees.
Therefore, it is the policy of the Governing Body of Wardle Academy to do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent personal injury and damage to protect everyone from foreseeable hazard and danger, including the public, in so far as they come into contact with the school or any of its activities.
In particular, they recognise that it is their responsibility:
• To provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions.
• To provide training and instruction to enable employees to perform their work safely.
• To maintain a continuing and progressive interest in Health and Safety.
• To take into account all statutory requirements for Health and Safety.
• To consult and involve employees in Health and Safety matters wherever possible.

The governing body of Wardle Academy also recognises that its employees have a duty to co-operate with them in their efforts to implement the policy by:
• Working safely
• Meeting their statutory duties
• Reporting incidents that have led or may lead to injury or damage
• Following Health and Safety procedures and safe systems of work
• Complying with any initiatives set up by the governing body in the interest of Health and Safety.
Document Version History:
v2: 13/01/2017 Policy revised and amended. Next review: 01/10/17

Wind Band recieve Platinum Award

Wardle Academy’s Wind Band were thrilled to come home from the National Concert Band Regional Festival with the Platinum Award and an invitation to play at the final in Warwick next April.

The National Concert Band Festival is recognised as the largest, most active, enterprising Festival for wind instrument musicians who play in wind bands.

The band, conducted by Mrs Jane Conway, blew the adjudicators away with their programme at Newman College in Oldham and were awarded the top prize. With the award they were also given an invitation to take part in the National Festival – two days of non-stop music making, which in recent years has been held at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester; the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow and The Sage, Gateshead.

I was extremely proud of the band’s performance and was over the moon when we found out we’d won the Platinum Award! We’re now looking forward to performing in Warwick next year.Mrs Conway, Wind Band Conductor


Students tackle LGBT prejudice through Drama

Year 9 drama students have been working on a project with theatre company, Tracing Steps, that tackles misconceptions and prejudice around LGBT.

Mr Brown, who has had a very successful three year partnership with the theatre company, has been working on the project with his Year 9 class since September. The project culminated in a verbatim influenced performance to the Year 8 cohort and to GCSE classes at schools across Rochdale.

The overall performance was incredibly well received, it provoked much discussion and changed many opinions. We look forward to this continuing the project with Tracing Steps next year with the new Year 9s on a different theme.Mr Brown, Drama Teacher

LGBT awareness is an important issue within Wardle Academy. The school is proud of its efforts to raise awareness and both among its students and staff. Our efforts have been well received resulting in the school aiming to push its efforts to tackle out into the Rochdale district and become a leader for LGBT awareness in education.


Wardle Academy Students Deliver Community Spirit

Wardle Academy aims to deliver the positive ethos and values of the school to all its students. Our expectations are that these values are represented by our students both within the school and the local community. Recently, the school has received news that these positive community attitudes have been shown by a group of Wardle Academy students. Over the weekend, Wardle students; Jack M, Ted A, Bailey P, Bradley K, Billy T and Tyler M have helped an elderly lady who was distressed. The students reassured the woman and took care of her while waiting for the Police to come and assist.

Deputy Headteacher, Mr Jon Skurr said “I was delighted that on Monday morning, I received news that a group of our young people have made such a positive difference within our community. As a school, we are incredibly proud of the positive impact our students make and this group of young men are a fantastic representation of the ethos and values that the school works hard to pass on to all members of the Academy’s community”

The students have received praise from staff and students within the school for their efforts and have been awarded school merit points for their good deed.

Wardle Academy – Register of Business interests and attendance

Details regarding Wardle Academy's governing body and Wardle Trust Trustees. This document includes:

- Register of attendance
- Register of business interests
Document Version History:
v1: 15/01/2016 Document updated by G Wright (Wardle Trust Senior Executive).

Please note that at the end of the academic year 2015/16, following on from a Governance Review, employees were no longer eligible to be Trustees. Members and Trustees stood down as Governors to strengthen governance accountability and all governors who had served for at least consecutive 8 years as governors to Wardle Academy and to Wardle High School (pre-Sept 2013) retired.

New governance boards were in place from September 2016.

Wardle Trust Data Protection Policy 2016

This document is the Wardle Trust Data Protection Policy.

This policy is supplemented by addition policies on:

Freedom of Information policy (updated January 2016, next review no later than January 2019)
and the Wardle Academy school policy on the use of Closed Circuit Television (updated November 2015, next review no later than
November 2018).

Document Version History:
v1: 15/01/2016 Policy updated by Dr G Wright (Wardle Trust Senior Executive).
Policy review date: January 2019

Other Related Info

Wardle Academy SEND Policy, Provision, Local Offer and Information Report

This document contains the following information:

- Wardle Academy SEND Policy
- Wardle Academy SEN Provision
- Wardle Academy SEND Local Offer
- Wardle Academy SEND Information Report
Document Version History:
v2: 22/11/2016 Policy updated by C Bowyer, S Taylor (SEND co-coordinator) and L Kowalski
v3: 13/01/2017 Policy Revised. Next SLT review: 01/10/17

Wardle Academy pulls out all the stops for Key 103’s ‘Mission Christmas’

This year Wardle Academy will be fundraising for Mission Christmas launched by Key 103. We’re asking you to buy just one extra present this year to ensure that every child has a happy Christmas. We’re looking for new and unwrapped gifts suitable for children and young people aged 0 to 18 years. Wardle Academy is a drop off site for any donated gifts and will be receiving gifts until the 5th December. Visit for full details. We need as much help as possible to make a difference to the children in our area on Christmas Day!

We will be conducting a range of different events this year. These include a bake sale, non – uniform day and several community awareness assemblies. Students will also be putting their own ideas together to help raise money and awareness for the event. Watch this space!

Students at Wardle Remember the Fallen

A big thank you to Ciaran M in Year 8 who brought his Granddad’s medals into school today as part of Remembrance Day.

Wardle Academy is incredibly proud of the amount of respect and understanding the students have had today. The whole school listened to members of the band as they performed the ‘Last Post’ and then continued to take part in a 2 minute silence to help us take the time to remember the fallen.

Both events were conducted well with our students proving to be examples of exceptional etiquette and respect. They have been excellent representatives of our school and community values.

Other members of the band were invited to play the ‘Last Post’ at Rochdale Town Hall.

Bronze Award Achievers

A massive well done to the following Year 7 students who have already achieved over 50 PRIDE+ points. This is a fantastic achievement so early on in the year. The following student received their bronze PRIDE+ certificate and a pen.

  • Noah B
  • Belmine B
  • Esther C
  • Jake C
  • Georgia C
  • Thomas F
  • Kate F
  • Jack H
  • Ryan H
  • Annabel J
  • Zain K
  • Dillon L
  • John O
  • Jude O
  • Louie P
  • Natalie P
  • Emily S
  • India W
  • Savanna W
  • Molly W
  • Ben W

X-Men Prop Designer Influences Resistant Materials Students

On Monday 7th November Ivo Coveney, a costume prop designer known for his work in films such as Ant-Man, X-Men: First Class and Gladiator, kindly agreed to come in and talk to our Year 10 Resistant Materials students about his work. He brought in props from the projects he has worked on including Magneto’s helmet and unused helmets from the upcoming Assassins Creed film.

Mr Coveney explained how he became a costume prop designer, the hard work he has put in and the techniques he uses to create his props. Using a 3D modelling program he showed the students how CAD (Computer Aided Design) could be used to make a prototype, and then be produced on a 3D printer. This model can then be used to create a cast allowing multiple copies of the original to be created.

The students learned that with dedication they could produce any of the work they were shown with the tools we have in the workshop in school, and that they have already taken the first steps towards learning the very same techniques that Ivo Coveney uses himself.

All in all it was a fantastic opportunity for the students, Ivo brought to light the prospects D&T can open, as well as the future uses of the skills that they learn in their Resistant Material classes.Mr Williams, Technology Technician

Race Night

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are postponing the Wardle Academy Band Association Race Night which was planned for tomorrow (11/11/2016) evening until the new year.  If you have bought tickets, please return them to the school reception and we will arrange a full refund.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

PTFA – Why?

It was after a discussion with our headteacher about the recent Race for Life and its success, raising over £3600 that she mentioned about fundraising for the Academy.  I suggested to her that we could look into launching a PTA/Friends of the Academy Association.

We currently have a very successful Band Association who raise money for the many difference bands across the academy, following on from its success we want to launch our PTFA which will help raise funds for resources/rewards across the whole academy.

As a school we are looking at ways in which we can raise funds to help refurbish our swimming pool and feel that by establishing a PTA we can work with the school and outside agencies to secure funding.

If you feel like you would like to get involved, please contact Mrs Zoe Long at the school.

We currently have two events planned, one being the Christmas Markets and the other a Year 7 & 8 Christmas Disco.

Car Park and Turning Circle Information

You may have noticed that we have new signs out from 2.30pm informing you that for the safety of your children the car park is closed.  These have been in place from last week and most parent/carers have already stopped parking on the turning circle/car park.  Could all parent/carers please make sure that they do not park on the turning circle/car park as we need to ensure that your children are safe.

Over the course of the next week we will also be having permanent signs erected around the turning circle displaying the following information:

For student safety no vehicle access to this area on Monday to Friday, 8.30 – 8.45am and 2.35 – 2.55pm.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this matter.

Ex-Student GCSE Art Work

Last year’s Year 11 Art exam and coursework is now ready for collection.

It can be collected from school reception by prior arrangement with the Art Department. This can be done either by email – or my calling the school.

All work must be collected by Friday 16th December 2016. If this work is not collected by this date unfortunately, due to the lack of storage, the Art Department will have to dispose of any unclaimed work.

Please note that you will need to bring something to transport your work home.