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The Design and Technology Department work hard to provide all our students with the opportunity to identify, realise and develop their talents, equipping them with invaluable skills for life.

Students use a variety of materials to develop their capability, combining their designing and making skills in order to create high quality products. Pupils are challenged to produce new, innovative and exciting creations. Students use materials, including food, textiles, woods, metals, plastics, electronics, and smart materials along with the effective integration of computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacture (CAM), to produce work which reflects the modern world we live in.

Design and Technology is a subject which naturally links with other subjects, including Maths, Science, ICT and Art, giving pupils the opportunity to use cross curricular knowledge and understanding effectively.

Meet the Design & Technology Team

Meet the Design & Technology Team

Miss W Wild - Head of Technology and Art
Mr A Dawson - Resistant Materials Teacher
Mrs S Ransome - Textiles Teacher
Mr M Williams - Technology Technician

Important Documents for Design & Technology

Design & Technology Learning Journey
Design & Technology KS3 Assessment Framework
Design & Technology KS4 GCSE Specification

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