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The History Department at Wardle Academy is focused on developing learners’ interest in, and knowledge and understanding of, many aspects of the world around them.

They aim to help learners develop a wide range of key skills that will prepare them for their future lives. There is a strong focus on developing successful, independent learners through an emphasis on fostering research and learning skills, and by assisting students to improve their ability to find, organise and communicate their ideas and opinions. We encourage learners to develop questions, discuss and explore their ideas and voice their opinions on a wide range of topics and issues that have moralistic themes that are relevant in the world today.

GCSE Topic Sheets
History GCSE Topic Sheet

Meet the History Team

Meet the History Team

Mr D Baugh - Head of History
Mr N Kirkham - History Teacher
Mr A Pritchard - History Teacher
Miss E Walker - History Teacher

Important Documents for History

History Long Term Plan
History GCSE Specification

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