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At Wardle Academy, students study Spanish, in the department’s specialist language classrooms. Students are encouraged to develop key skills and engage in interactive learning to help make languages fun, rewarding and accessible to all.

Students study various topics, relevant from both a linguistic and cultural perspective. They are encouraged to develop four major skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, through a variety of different activities and tasks. All students have the opportunity to participate and learn through role plays, games, songs and group work. The department’s aim is to show that language learning should be a fun, rewarding and an accessible experience for all.

GCSE Topic Sheets
Languages GCSE Topic Sheet

Meet the Languages Team

Meet the Languages Team

Ms S O’Neill - Head of MFL
Miss I Chraiti - MFL Teacher
Miss C Colverson - MFL Teacher
Miss G Sauco - MFL Teacher

Important Documents for Languages

Language Learning Journey
Language KS3 Assessment Framework
Spanish KS4 GCSE Specification

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