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The Mathematics Department at Wardle Academy fosters a positive attitude towards learning and encourages enjoyment of this crucial subject, guiding students towards achieving or exceeding their potential.

As the most widely used subject in the world, the importance of Mathematics should never be underestimated. Mathematics gives students the tools to function and excel in all walks of life, developing the skills to tackle everyday problems, to manage complicated situations and to stand out in future employment. It is about thinking logically and creatively, and solving a multitude of different types of problems.

Throughout their Mathematical journey, students at Wardle Academy learn how to demonstrate their ability in numerous areas. With ever-increasing emphasis being placed on the Mathematical content of ‘real-life’ and functional situations, we endeavour to, where appropriate, use practical and investigative approaches. Students have opportunities to communicate their understanding to other students as they solve complex problems and strive to improve their own learning and performance.

GCSE Topic Sheets
Maths GCSE Topic Sheet

Meet the Mathematics Team

Meet the Mathematics Team

Mrs T Giles - Head of Maths
Mr J Taylor - Second in Maths
Mr B Wright - Second in Maths
Mrs F Ali - Maths Teacher
Miss A Begum - Maths Teacher
Mr M Chambers - Maths Teacher
Mr N Iqbal - Maths Teacher
Mrs A Khan - Maths Teacher
Mrs T Moyo - Maths Teacher
Mr N Pollock - Maths Teacher

Important Documents for Maths

Mathematics Learning Journey
Maths KS3 Assessment Framework
Maths KS4 GCSE Specification

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