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RESPECT is a combination of Religious Education, Social and Personal Education and Citizenship.

The name was selected to reflect not only the content of the subject, but also the main aim – teaching respect for myself and other people.

Although each of the curriculum areas within RESPECT has its own distinct aims, objectives and subject content, it is our belief that these areas can and do complement each other and provide a well-balanced education for all our pupils.

GCSE Topic Sheets
Citizenship Paper 1 - Theme A GCSE Topic Sheet
Citizenship Paper 1 - Theme B GCSE Topic Sheet
Citizenship Paper 1 - Theme C GCSE Topic Sheet
Citizenship Paper 2 - Theme D GCSE Topic Sheet

Meet the RESPECT team

Meet the RESPECT team

Mr I Giles - Head of Respect
Mr M Hemmings - Respect Teacher
Miss N Lawrence - Respect Teacher

Important Documents for Respect

RESPECT Learning Journey
Respect KS3 Assessment Framework
Citizenship KS4 GCSE Specification
Religious Studies KS4 GCSE Specification

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