Wardle Academy is a partner school of the Wardle Trust.

The Trust’s objectives are specifically restricted to the following:

1. To advance for the public benefit, education in the United Kingdom, in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing by establishing, maintaining, carrying on, managing and developing schools offering a broad and balanced curriculums and,

2.  to promote for the benefit of the inhabitants of partner schools and the surrounding area the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation of individuals who have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances or for the public at large in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving the condition of life of the said inhabitants.

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These documents represent the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Trust Annual Report (incorporating the Annual Accounts and Director information) and Funding Agreements.

Memorandum of Association

Supplemental Funding Agreement

Signed Master Funding Agreement

Wardle Academy Multi Academy Trust Articles of Association

Wardle Academy Trust Annual Accounts 2016

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