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Art With Heart

Posted on 11 Feb 2020 at 09:14

Art with Heart are a Salford based company who won the Salford CVS Equalities Award for their Equalities Workshops in schools, and our Year 8 students have been fortunate enough to experience one of their fantastic learning sessions. The Art with Heart workshops have provided students with opportunities to develop their understanding of discrimination, evaluate the impact of their language choices and examine the barriers that exist for minority groups in society. The focus of these sessions related to diversity in the UK and the responsibility that citizens have in ensuring people are treated equally. Furthermore these workshops allowed students to examine the the 2010 Equalities Act in more detail and relate it to barriers that currently face the LGBT+ community.

Art With Heart were truly amazing and we can’t thank them enough for providing such a great workshop.

Students testimonials:

“I loved the way that the Art with Heart team explained equality and pushed forward the idea that students have the power to change the world in every possible way.  They showed how men and women should have access to equal pay for their work and also equal value for the same work.”


“I enjoyed the way that personal viewpoints were discussed and also how different aspects of different social groups were examined. Our opinions were listened to and everyone felt involved in the sessions. Also, the team were really good at challenging misconceptions.”


“The sessions were incredibly useful and developed my understanding of the Equalities Act. I liked the way that the sessions focussed student opinions at the centre and all students were able to engage with the subject in an interactive way.”

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