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Image: Introducing the Weekly Folk Challenge!  Ugly Duckling

Introducing the Weekly Folk Challenge!  Ugly Duckling

Posted on 29 Apr 2020 at 09:53

Introducing our weekly folk challenge!
Every Thursday, there will be a brand new tune, along with notation so that you can play along at home.
This tune is called ‘The Ugly Duckling’ and it was written by a very well known Irish fiddle player called Liz Carroll.
Tune players - This includes lots of grace notes so try to add them where you think they work best.
Guitar/Ukulele players - Try to find different ways of playing the G, C & D chords.
The album this tune is off is titled ‘Lost in the Loop’ and well worth a listen.

If you wish to record yourself playing please play along using headphones and use your school email address to send the video to music@wardleacademy.co.uk.  This may be used for a collaborative video and will be published online.

Keep safe everyone and catch you all next week.

The Ugly Duckling Full Score


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