Wardle Academy Wind Band Hit the Platinum Standard

Wardle Academy is well known for its success in music, in particular, the achievements of its Youth Band. However, the accomplishments of Wardle Academy’s Youth Band is only part of the tremendous success that the school’s Performing Arts teams have had this year. In addition to brass bands, Wardle Academy’s young musicians perform in the Wardle Academy Wind Band.

The Wind Band is made up of brass and woodwind players from the Academy. Woodwind is the instrument family that includes flutes, clarinets and saxophones. It currently has around 50 members.  Like the brass players, many of the woodwind players take this up at primary school and carry on their playing into secondary school and like the school’s brass bands, the Wardle Academy Wind Band has had a very successful year.

In November, the Wind Band took part in one of the regional entries of the National Concert Band Festival (NCBF) at Newman College, Oldham. The NCBF is the culmination of a huge number of bands participating first in regional festivals, representing over 5,000 musicians in total. The performance by the Wind Band was an exceptional display of talent from a dedicated group of young musicians and resulted in the group receiving a Platinum Award in November and an automatic invitation to the Nationals in April 2017.

The National Concert Band Festival was held at Warwick Hall, Warwick on Saturday 8th April 2017. Despite the increased competition, the Wardle Wind Band delivered another fabulous performance. Adjudicators; Duncan Stubbs, Simon Platford said:

“This was a highly performed quality performance.  The maturity of the sound was exceptional for players at this age.  Very well done.”

“Some very well-controlled sustained playing.  A very impressive mature performance.  Balance and dynamic control were a very high quality – I could have heard this over and over again – emotional, intense and thoroughly musical.  Well Done”

The wind band are continuing to work hard and build on their already impressive success this year. The group have just been invited to perform at the Music for Youth National Festival which takes place at Birmingham Symphony Hall in July. From there, many of its players will be travelling to Alicante to perform two concerts on a music tour.

These outstanding achievements are a credit to the dedication of the young musicians who work so hard and to their musical tutors who give up their time to facilitate these opportunities for success.

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