Wardle Wise – Anti – Bullying

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Anti – Bullying is one of the most important areas of any school. Wardle Academy is proactive in its anti-bullying efforts and ensures that any incidences of bullying are dealt with quickly and effectively. Unfortunately there are times when bullying can still occur, particularly with cyber bullying. It’s not always easy to talk about incidences of bullying, Wardle Academy understands this.

Within this section of Wardle Wise, you can find lots of useful areas for advice and help with bullying issues. Never suffer in silence, if somebody is doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable, then actions can and should be taken to make sure they stop it.

Bullying is never accepted at Wardle Academy in any form. If you need talk about anything that is making you uncomfortable then get in touch with key staff by emailing wardlewise@wardleacademy.co.uk


Anti-Bullying Week 2017 is being held between the 13th and 17th November 2017 and is organised by Anti-Bullying Alliance.

As you know the effects of bullying can have a massive impact on all individuals, whether that is at school, work, college or socially. Anti bullying week is a great way to get involved, take a stand against bullying and raise awareness in your school, college or organisation.

We will be holding anti-bullying assemblies with our students all week to express the importance of anti-bullying and who to talk to if they are ever involved in a bullying incident.