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Parent Information

Dear parents and carers,
please find any school updates and information relating to Covid-19 here.

Thank you.

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Information about bus times and starting in September
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Parent Information
Home Learning Resources
Music Learning Resources

Music Learning Resources

Key Signatures
The Circle of fifths
Clarinet Warm-up
Sir James Galway Masterclass - Vibrtato
Vibrato for Clarinet & Saxophone
Nina Perlove - Flute articulation/double tonguing part 1
Clarinet: Tonguing, Staccato, Legato, Tenuto, Accents
Major scales introduction for Saxophone
How to Approach Learning Flute Scales
Family Fun Music Quiz
Free Piece of The Day
Challenging Music Resources
Easy Songs for Saxophone
Beautiful Clarinet Tone and Intonation Tutorial
3 tips to get rid of an Airy Flute Sound
Little Shiny Brass Duets
Free Music Fridays - Big Shiny Brass
Free Online Solo Music
Clarinet Music Book - Level 1 - 5
Saxophone Music Book - Level 1 - 5
Flute Music Book - Level 1 - 5
Clarinet Reeds : What strength is best for you
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCZPbfxA-sc>flute tone: easy high notes
Tutor Top Tips - Flute
Tutor Top Tips - Percussion
Perfect - Ed Sheeran - Clarinet
Killing Me Softly - Saxophone
Fireflies by Owl City - Flute
5 Facts for Saxophones
5 facts for Flutes
5 facts for Clarinet
Top Tips - Percussion Lesson 03
Percussion Lesson

Weekly Folk Challenges

Blackberry Blossom - Video
Blackberry Blossom - Notation
Hole in The Hedge - Video
Hole in the Hedge - Notation
Ashokan Farewell - Video
Ashokan Farewell - Parts
Shetland Rose - Video
Shetland Rose - Full Score
King of the Fairies - Video
King of the Fairies - Score
Stay at Home Hornpipe
The Ugly Duckling


Brass Lesson 12 final summing up and use of study books
Brass Lesson 11 - 5 Ways to better brass playing
Brass Lesson 10 - What instrument should I play and which instrument manufacturer should I consider?
Brass Lesson 09 - The Importance of Scales
Brass Lesson 08 - Vibrato and Willow Echoes
Brass Lesson 07 - Vibrato and it’s different styles
Brass Lesson 06 -  tongue positioning and open air flow
Brass Lesson 05 - Keep Practice Interesting!
Annies Song Notation
Brass Lesson 04 Video - Warm Ups
Brass Lesson 04 Notation - Warm Ups
Brass Lesson 03 - Octaves, Intervals and Carnival of Venice Video
Brass Lesson 03 - Exercises in Octaves
Brass Lesson 03 - Exercises in Mixed Intervals Notation
Brass Lesson 02 - Video
Brass Lesson 02 - Notation 01
Brass Lesson 02 - Notation 02
Brass Lesson 01 - Video + Extra
Brass Lesson 01 Notation
The Last Post - VE Day Notation
National Anthem NHS
How to Play High Notes on Clarinet - Part 1
How to Play High Notes on Clarinet - Part 2
Masterclass on Flute vibrato

Thursday Evenings

Titanic - My Heart Will Go On NHS - Brass Part
Titanic - My Heart Will Go On NHS - Flute Part
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Music Notation NHS
Somewhere Over the The Rainbow - Horn
Somewhere Over the The Rainbow - Cornet

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