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“At first I was nervous to start high school, but everyone is in the same position. With the support of staff and new friends, the nerves soon go away.”

- Year 7 pupil

Our Aim

Our Aim

Our aim is to help your child get off to a confident and happy start through the transition process from primary school to high school.

1. Wardle Academy hosts a ‘Year 6 Welcome Evening’ for pupils and their parents/carers in the July prior to them starting school. The evening will provide information on uniform, homework, school dinners and will give you the chance to talk to staff about any queries or worries you may have.

2. New students are then given the opportunity to attend an Intake Day which allows them to get a taste of what high school will be like, meet their peers and teachers and take a tour around the school.

3. A dedicated team of Year 7 form tutors, combined with a network of support staff are a key factor in your child’s successful start at Wardle Academy. We are sensitive to your child’s needs and ensure your child is encouraged to feel at ease in their new surroundings.

We have found that this approach enables our new students to settle quickly into school life. It establishes positive relationships between pupils, their peers and the Year 7 team and contributes to a happy, productive atmosphere. Students feel secure and cared for, which allows them to thrive quickly and start to achieve the best possible work they can.

“The Year 7 curriculum has a strong focus on developing literacy and numeracy and in building communication and learning skills.”

- Ofsted

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