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Wardle Academy understands the importance of safe online activity. Our school e-safety measures are in place to provide you with the reassurance that we take the safety of your child very seriously, both offline and online.

The school has several online security measures in place which you can review by reading our school e-safety policy. There is a range of e-safety guidance projects within the academy that students can get involved in and further guidance on social media safety available here. For more information, please contact us.

Within this section, you can find a wide selection of resources on internet safety, both for parents and students.

Internet safety has never been more important. If you have any questions or concerns get in touch with key staff by emailing wardlewise@wardleacademy.co.uk

Check out the video below from CEOP:

Pretty shocking? Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon event. What’s crucial is that you know that speaking to people that you do not know online has the same risks as speaking to a stranger in the real world, sometimes the risks of speaking to strangers online are worse than offline. It’s crucial that you are vigilant when using the internet and that you know can and should speak to somebody about this as soon as you feel concerned. Remember, email wardlewise@wardleacademy.co.uk with any concerns you have. Alternatively, click the CEOP button below to report a concern.



Below you can find a selection of resources that we have provided on Internet safety:

Social Media
Social media is a great way to keep in touch with friends and keep up to date with everything that is going on in the world. However, like everything, there are risks that we all need to be aware of. Are you Social Media savvy? Have a look at the checklists below to check that your social media channels are up to scratch.

Technology moves fast and so does social media. The “Grown Folks” Guide to Popular Apps in Social Media is a dedicated resource to helping adults stay current with what’s new in the world of popular social media sites and applications (apps) for youth. The information provided is not exhaustive, but focuses on the trends and will be updated periodically as new apps and sites become popular. Click here to find a copy of The “Grown Folks” Guide to Popular Apps in Social Media. 


A social networking site with 1 billion users. Users share status updates, pictures, articles, etc. with friends or the public, depending on their privacy settings which change frequently. Facebook friends can “like” and comment on posts. Facebook users can also send messages to one another. Facebook also has numerous game applications that many adults and youth play, for example, Farmville and Words with Friends. App rated 13+

Facebook Checklist

A micro-blogging site where users communicate in 140 characters or fewer. Users can share website links, pictures and videos. Hashtags were made popular on Twitter are a tremendous search tool for general research on any topic. However, hashtags can also be used to insult. Twitter’s latest terms of service omit an age requirement but they discourage users under 13. Twitter does support other products that screen for age.

Twitter Checklist

A smartphone app where users can share pictures and videos and follow certain hashtags (topics) related to their interests. Sharing can be set to either “friends” or public. Users can like and comment on posts or explore public pictures using hashtags. App rated 13+

Instagram Safety

Smartphone app where users send photos and videos that disappear from view within 10 seconds from receipt. Users should understand that the pictures disappear from view but they don’t totally disappear and can be retrieved, as well as saved through the recipient’s print screen functions. App rated 12+

Snapchat Checklist



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