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Mental health is something that affects everyone. There will be times while you are at Wardle Academy when you may become frustrated with yourself or others, you may be feeling the pressure of your subjects or the stress of exams, or you may be concerned or anxious about. Mental health can make us frustrated with things that we would normally not be bothered about. This is totally understandable. What is crucial is learning to calm yourself down, approach ways to resolve whatever is bothering you and seek support.

There is no shame in talking about mental health concerns.

If you are feeling the pressure, it always helps to speak to somebody about it. Wardle Academy staff are faces that listen. We are here to ensure student well-being and this includes helping you with advice and counsel when you feel that times may be getting on top of you. Below is a collection of advice columns and ‘go tos’ for when you are feeling stressed, concerned or down as well as online advice on what you can do to help you cope when things are tough.

Have a listen to these real life experiance on the video below:

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Free, safe and anonymous online counselling and support. Online every night until 10 pm.

Click here for the website.


Chat Health

For confidential help, advice and support, you can text your school nurse on 07507330382. The school nurse is available in school every Thursday afternoon. Mental health concerns should be treated the same as regular health concerns. Do not ignore them.


Healthy Young minds

A referral to this service needs to be done by a professional, but the website is available for online support for young people and parents, and it is full of useful information and resources.

Click here for the Healthy Young minds website. 


IRelate is an online emotional support and advice resource which provides information and access to an online counsellor.

Click here for the IRelate website.

Mindful Gnats

This is an app that helps young people develop mindfulness and relaxation skills.

Click here for the website.



Mindshift is a free app that is designed to help teens and young adults cope with anxiety. Rather than trying to avoid anxiety, you can make an important shift and face it. The app lists symptoms of anxiety and offers strategies to manage worry, panic, conflict, ordinary anxiety, and three specialised categories of anxiety, test anxiety, social anxiety and perfectionism. The app also contains relaxation exercises.

View the Mindshift website here.


Mood Tracker

This is a website and app that lets you track moods and sleep patterns, helping to manage depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.

Follow the link here for the Mood Tracker website. 

Recovery Record

Recovery Record is the smart companion for managing your journey to recovery from eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, obsessive eating disorder, binge eating disorder and compulsive eating disorder.

View the Recovery Record website here.


Rise Up + Recover

Rise Up + Recover is an app designed for young people who are struggling with food, dieting, exercise and body image. Based on self-monitoring homework, a cornerstone of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), it is a simple and convenient app that has been used millions of times by people around the world.

Click here for the Rise Up + Recover website and app download option.

Smiling Mind

This is a modern meditation project for young people from 7 years up. It is a free web and app-based program, designed to help bring balance to young lives. Smiling Mind was created in Australia and is aimed at helping young people to de-stress and stay calm. There are tailored programmes for different age groups.

You can find the Smiling Mind website by clicking here. 



A free web and app-based programme created by game designers. Playing SuperBetter helps to build personal resilience: the ability to stay strong, motivated, and optimistic, even in the face of difficult challenges. Resilience has a powerful effect on health – by boosting physical and emotional well-being. SuperBetter is for young people over the age of 13 who want to feel happier, healthier and more able to reach their goals.

Click here for the SuperBetter website. 


Don’t Be a Zombie

This site is aimed at combating the issues associated with drug and alcohol abuse among many young people in the UK today. The site provides information and harm reduction advice around drugs and alcohol, including tools that can be used by young people to address substance related needs.

Click here for the website.


Let’s Talk Relationships

Any question about domestic abuse sexting and consent.

For the website, click here. 



Prevention of young suicide

For the website, click here. 



This is a Suicide helpline. The number is 0800 0684141

Mental health is a big deal. Don’t ignore it. If you have any questions or concerns get in touch with key staff by emailing wardlewise@wardleacademy.co.uk