Accessibility Plan

This plan is drawn up in accordance with the planning duty in the Equality Act 2010: Schedule 10, Paragraph 3. It draws on the guidance set out in “Accessible Schools: Planning to increase access to schools for disabled pupils”, issued by DfES in July 2002. This policy identifies access covering:

a) Access to the physical environment
b) Access to the curriculum

This document will outline our current status and future plans. The key Objective is to reduce and eliminate barriers to access to the curriculum and to full participation in the school community for pupils, and prospective pupils, with a disability.
Document Version History:
v1: 15/09/2015
v2: 01/11/2016
v3: 20/11/2017 Reviewed by S Taylor (SENCO) - 20/11/17
Next review - 20/11/18

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