Pupil Premium Policy (disadvantaged report)

Schools receive additional funding on the basis of the number of students they have who are eligible for Free School Meals or are a Child in Care or a Service child. This additional funding is called the Pupil Premium Grant and is aimed at socially disadvantaged students.

The aforementioned funding is used to fund the programme of interventions planned by our, Key Stage Leaders, Subject Leaders and our Inclusion Team, with the specific focus, to narrowing gaps in progress and attainment for disadvantaged students and where necessary provide a holistic approach to meeting the needs of each of these students.

The Senior Leadership’s long term aim is for all students eligible for Pupil Premium Grant to perform better than non-pupil premium students nationally. In the short term it is to significantly close the gap between pupil premium and non pupil premium students.

Please note, this is Wardle Academy's policy on the appropriate and effective use of Pupil Premium expenditure. To view the expenditure strategy and previous year's impact report, please visit our policies, procedures and reports page.
Document Version History:
v1: 07/11/2017 Policy reviewed by J Skurr (Deputy Headteacher).
Policy due for review: 1/11/2018