Wardle Academy E – Safety Policy

The purpose of this policy is to:
- Set out the key principles expected of all members of the school community at Wardle Academy with
respect to the use of ICT-based technologies
- Safeguard and protect the children and staff of Wardle Academy
- Assist school staff working with children to work safely and responsibly with the Internet and other
communication technologies and to monitor their own standards and practice
- Set clear expectations of behaviour and/or codes of practice relevant to responsible use of the Internet
for educational, personal or recreational use
- Have clear structures to deal with online abuse such as cyberbullying which are cross referenced with
other school policies
- Ensure that all members of the school community are aware that unlawful or unsafe behaviour is
unacceptable and that, where appropriate, disciplinary or legal action will be taken
- Minimise the risk of misplaced or malicious allegations made against adults who work with students
Document Version History:
v1: 01/11/2017 Policy Revised by A Shaw (Assistant Headteacher) - 01/11/2017
Next SLT review: 01/11/18
v2: 29/11/2017 Policy updated by A Shaw (Assistant Headteacher) and Z Fleming (Trust IT Manager) - 29/11/2017
Next SLT review: 01/11/18