The School Council is a group of 12 students from years 7-11 who have been elected by their peers to represent students views. The Council, along with the Head Boy and Head Girl, consult on a range of matters  which affect all young people in school.

Council members are involved in the recruitment of staff, they give a student perspective on our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policies and their views have led to changes to these documents and our decision making process.

Whilst our Wardle Charter was a whole school effort, the final draft was completed by our Council and this was then rolled out to the rest of the school community at the start of the 2014/15 academic year.  The Council has helped our school to respond to the findings of the most recent Kirkland Rowell (Student satisfaction) survey where we were able to instigate changes to Teaching and Learning as well as launching  the ‘Make Wardle Happy’ campaign to improve the lives of all members of our school community.

The student Council has also taken a leading role in creating guidelines on E-safety to ensure the safeguarding of all pupils In school.

Our current school council members
Year 7
  • Zayan Zamir
  • Jacob Brady
  • Amaan Razaq
  • Clio Thompson
  • Jack Cougill
  • Bellmine Bernard
  • Lewis Hough
  • Paige Roberts
Year 8
  • Ava Lawrence
  • Michael Mills
  • Joe Henderson
  • Lilly Clarke
  • Louis Ewebank
Year 9
  • Adam Wilkinson
  • Davis Mills
  • Rosa Forbes
  • Archie Catlin
  • Sally Routledge
Year 10
  • Jessica Williams
  • Alex Wood
  • Tom Laidler
  • Samuel Ridding
  • Erin Wombwell

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