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The Wardle Trust has grown from the evolution of Wardle High School, first into a single convertor academy, Wardle Academy, and then into a multi-academy trust.

The Journey

The Trust is further recognition of the journey taken by Wardle High School from a low in 2005 when it was placed in special measures to a high in 2014 when its results were some of the best in the area and, as Wardle Academy, they moved into new school buildings with extensive new resources to support their students’ education.  The student roll has grown significantly during this time.

Our experiential understanding of those low points in a school’s life, have helped us recognise the importance of context, quality of leadership, strong governance, professional service development and the value of empathetic support, because even in challenging times there are many good teachers and associate staff working within schools alongside children all of whom have an entitlement to experience, at least, a good quality of learning and teaching.

Recipe For Success
The Wardle Trust aims to offer that empathetic support through its sponsorship of partner schools. Previously as a Foundation School and a Grant Maintained School before that it has developed a significant degree of expertise generated by these freedoms. It has not detached itself from all things ‘local authority’ recognising that within them there are pockets of support, advice and accountability that cannot be better sourced elsewhere. 
As a small Trust we work closely with many partners to ensure that our students and staff benefit from the best that there is around us.  As a small Trust we are able to ensure that the children remain at the heart of all our activity.  We are accountable to them and we take our responsibilities seriously, ensuring that all of our support is measured, effective and demonstrates value for money.
Good teaching, strong leadership and governance coupled with robust, clear, accountability have underpinned our progress to date, and they will underpin all our activities that we, as a Trust, will undertake in the future.
Bespoke Support and Services

Currently, the Wardle Trust offers support to schools through a range of professional school development services. These services range from IT solutions, marketing development and school business support. Service options are bespoke to individual schools and time invested is always based on the benefit of the individual school and its students.

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